Sample Strings

Searching for a resume of a J2EE Engineer on Google… You would type:  intitle: resume j2ee

You will notice that you receive too many web sites that do not exactly fit to what you are seeking. Add +education –sample – template for example…

intitle: resume j2ee +education –sample –template (the minus sign acts as a negative for those results. “data scientist” AND (java AND python) AND (sas OR r)

Database Administrator
(“database administration” OR “database administrator” OR “DB Admin” OR DBA) AND (SQL OR “SQL Server”)

Project Manager
(“project manager” OR “project management” OR PMP)

Quality Assurance Analyst
(“Quality Assurance” OR QA OR SQA) AND test* AND software AND (“test cases” OR Automated OR scripting) AND agile AND (ruby OR java OR javascript OR sql OR plsql OR pl-sql OR pl/sql OR selenium)


A method of looking inside a specific web site to find what's there. Using this technique, recruiters can find documents and web pages that aren't directly accessible via links on the main public home page. When you 'x-ray' a website, you effectively get to examine every document that resides there so long as they are not behind firewalls or password protected.

Example: To find any “software engineer” - could be a document/file or a word/phrase within a document that resides within the website

In Altavista search - AND software engineer

In Google search - AND software engineer


Flipping is an effective method used to find the relationships between web pages based on how they are hyperlinked together. This search is especially useful for finding people who have links to the company or have worked for a specific company.

Example: To find any “software engineer” – could be a document/file or word/phrase that links back to

In Altavista search - AND software engineer

In Google search - AND software engineer

Peeling Back

As the name suggest Peeling back is the process of “retracing the path” of the url especially when one gets an Error 404 (File not found). This process is engage so as to locate the information elsewhere on the site or locate the specific “root” folder where one can find similar or additional data specific or related to the search.

Example: By peeling back or keying backspace starting from the point where the url ends we can then access the people link from the homepage and find the names of all the faculty members.


Harvesting OR Mining

Harvesting involves reviewing a document, such as a resume or home page, and finding key words, links, references and locations that assist with subsequent searches.

Boolean Search Strings

Query Prefix Function Example
AND Finds all specified words or phrases - Include all terms specified software AND engineer
OR Two or more alternatives. Either one term or the other. Note: if multiple OR statements are used, you must use a parenthesis programmer OR developer

(programmer OR developer OR programmer analyst) AND (blog OR resume OR cover letter OR bio)

NOT Excludes term specified java NOT coffee
AND NOT Excludes term specified java AND NOT coffee
NEAR Proximity Search / Adjacent words engineer AND star NEAR san diego


Query Prefix Function Example
title: Finds specific keyword as part of the indexed title title:roster AND peoplesofttitle:resume
intitle: Finds specific keyword as part of the indexed titles intitle:employee directory
allintitle: Restricts results to those with all the query words in the title allintitle:resume AND java
url: Finds specific domain names in the url or with the keyword included in the url - X-Raying url:directory

inurl: Finds a specific keyword as part of indexed urls -



allinurl: Restricts results to those with all the query words in the url - X-Raying allintitle:directory oracle
domain: Finds pages within a specified domain - X-Raying domain:uk


host: Finds pages on a specific computer - X-Raying

site: Finds all documents within a particular domain and all its subdomains AND (cpa | certified public accountant) - X-Raying  Max two levels deep c++

link: Finds documents that link to a specific url - Flipping link:


Query Prefix Function Example
    Quotation marks finds exact phrase to be or not to be
(  ) Parenthesis  Must be used with multiple OR statements (developer OR programmer OR analyst OR programmer analyst)
+ Equivalent to AND between single terms


Dog +german shepard +trained
- Equivalent to NOT between single terms

Excludes terms

java -coffee
.. Google uses .. As numbers in a given range 1950.. 1960
~ Synonym Search ~food ~facts Cooking Information
* Prefix Search. Finds documents based on the beginning of the word. Also know as a Wildcard Develop*

Develop, develops, developer, development


*@ name results in all the emails for that company name  Try without a Wildcard *
#...# Search within Number Range 200-300
_*_ Fill in the blanks   i.e. - programmer statistical analyst programmer * analyst


Fill in the blanks   i.e. - business systems analyst

Phrase Search business certified valuation analyst