University Clubs


  • SWE
    • Society of Women Engineers
  • SHPE
    • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • NSBE
    • National Society of Black Engineers
  • ASME
    • American Society of ME
  • AOE
    • Sorority for Women Studying Engineering
  • Tau Beta Pi
    • Engineering Honor Society
  • PASE
    • Pacific Asian Society of Engineers
  • SDSU Mechatronics



Professional Groups

Diversity Resources


diversity (n) - A situation that includes representation of multiple (ideally all) groups within a prescribed environment, such as a university or a workplace. This word most commonly refers to differences between cultural groups, although it is also used to describe differences within cultural groups, e.g. diversity within the Asian-American culture includes Korean Americans and Japanese Americans. An emphasis on accepting and respecting cultural differences by recognizing that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another underlies the current usage of the term.